Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Makeup Day Final
This competition runs from: 15/08/18 - 24/08/18
You can enter this competition 30 times. You have 30 entries remaining.
Please note that circumventing this limit by submitting from multiple IPs will result in the removal of entries.

Prompts so Far
1) draw a pony standing / draw a pony frozen in place
2) draw a pony in action / draw a pony on the run
3) draw a pony going nuts / draw a pony going batty
4) draw a pony attaining a goal / draw a pony enjoying the fruits of its labor
5) draw a pony enjoying a summer treat / draw a pony beating the summer heat
6) draw a pony as another species / draw a pony transforming their life
7) draw a pony in danger / draw a pony living life on the edge
8) draw a pony in love / draw a pony ship(ping)
9) draw a villainous pony / draw a pony with issues
10) draw a pony doing something you like to do in real life /
draw a pony doing something they wouldn’t normally do
11) Draw a pony mingling / Draw a pony being a social butterfly
12) Draw a pony family unit / Draw a pony leaving the nest
13) Draw a pony from or in the future / Draw a pony exploring the final frontier
14) Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game, book, ect / Draw a pony putting on a show
15) Draw a fashionable pony / Draw a pony with good taste
16) Draw a pony facing their darkest fear / Draw a pony during the witching hour
17) Draw a pony on an impossible mission / Draw a pony with the deck stacked against them
18) Draw a pony experiencing a miracle / Draw a pony pulling victory from the jaws of defeat
19) Draw an exhausted pony / Draw a pony out of gas
20) Draw a pony running late / Draw a pony out of time
21) Draw a pony discovering a new culture / Draw a pony with an open mind
22) Draw a pony celebrating your favorite holiday / Draw a pony partying too hard
23) Draw a pony going to school / Draw a pony obtaining forbidden knowledge
24) Draw a pony doing whatever comes to mind / Draw a pony with a brilliant idea
25) Draw a ponified version of a fairy tale / Draw a legendary pony
26) Draw a pony pulling the wool over someone’s eyes / Draw a pony deceiving another
27) Draw a pony with nerves of steel / Draw a pony meeting a goal
28) Draw a pony reaching the end of their journey / Draw a pony meeting their end
29) Redraw an earlier piece from the ATG or if you're a veteran artist redraw one of your early pieces / Draw as many of our prompts as possible in one drawing
Submission Form
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