Newbie Artist Training Grounds IX: Makeup Day
This competition runs from: 03/07/19 - 05/07/19
You can enter this competition 10 times. You have 10 entries remaining.
Please note that circumventing this limit by submitting from multiple IPs will result in the removal of entries.

Day 1: A Pony Standing / A Pony Holding the Line

Day 2: A Mobile Pony / A Pony Showing Off Their Moves

Day 3: A Pony Seeking Guidance / A Pony in Need of Schooling

Day 4: A Pony reaching the breaking point / Draw a broken pony

Day 5: A Pony grasping victory from the jaws of defeat / Draw a pony following their hopes and dreams

Day 6: Draw a boasting pony / Draw making a name for themselves

Day 7: Draw a pony’s darkest secret / Draw a sneaky pony

Day 8: Draw a pony doing something you like to do / Draw your OC’s special talent

Day 9: Draw an episode idea you’ve always wanted in the show / Draw a pony with a bright idea
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