Newbie Artist Training Grounds X: Makeup Day 1
This competition runs from: 11/06/20 - 13/06/20
You can enter this competition 10 times. You have 10 entries remaining.
Please note that circumventing this limit by submitting from multiple IPs will result in the removal of entries.

Day 1: Draw A Pony Standing / Draw A Pony Stuck in Time
Day 2: Draw A Mobile Pony / Draw A Pony Springing To Life
Day 3: Draw A Pony Filled With Rage / Draw A Pony About To Lose It
Day 4: Draw A Passed Out Pony / Draw a Pony Chasing Their Dreams
Day 5: Draw a Pony Enjoying Your Favorite Meal / Draw a Pony Family Moment
Day 6: Draw a pony crushing on another pony / Draw a pony with a secret admirer
Day 7: Draw a Pony Enjoying Your Favorite Season / Draw a Pony Whooping It Up In Town
Day 8: Draw a pony as another species (Draw a MLP species other than an equine) / Draw a pony experiencing something unexpected
Day 9: Draw a pony staring down their worst fear / Draw a pony hanging on by a thread
Day 10: Draw a pony defying impossible odds / Draw a pony finding their inner courage
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