Newbie Artist Training Grounds XII: Makeup Day 1
This competition runs from: 11/07/22 - 13/07/22
You can enter this competition 10 times. You have 10 entries remaining.
Please note that circumventing this limit by submitting from multiple IPs will result in the removal of entries.

Day 1: Draw a pony standing / Draw a pony stuck in place
Day 2: Draw a moving pony / Draw a pony leaping to action
Day 3: Draw a pony filled with determination / Draw a pony ready to take on the world
Day 4: Draw a pony discovering something unexpected / Draw a pony hiding something
Day 5: Draw a pony meeting a long lost friend / Draw ponies who are inseparable from each other
Day 6: Draw a pony facing their greatest fear / Draw a pony scared senseless
Day 7: Draw a pony fawning over another pony / Draw a pony falling head over heels for another pony
Day 8: Draw a pony as another species / Draw a pony making a change in their life
Day 9: Draw a pony as a filly or colt / Draw a pony sent back in time
Day 10: Draw a pony full of pride / Draw a pony going above and beyond
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