hearthswarming giveaway 2013 day 6
This competition runs from: 12/12/13 - 13/12/13
You can enter this competition 2 times. You have 2 entries remaining.
Please note that circumventing this limit by submitting from multiple IPs will result in the removal of entries.

This is the final giveaway day! Good luck!

You can draw from any previous prompt, or draw your own picture, for consideration in the voting round,


you can colour in the given lineart, OR you can submit lineart in the comments and/or then colour one of those reader-submitted options in to be added to the random draw.

Don't worry about figuring it out, I'll do the hard part, but do note that any coloured lineart from pictures that ultimately lack permission for distribution will be disqualified.

You may enter either or both categories. If you can't use the submitter, then email it to me. As before, previous winners may submit but will not be considered for prizes, and a second entry in the same category will replace the first.
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